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We focus on the "why" your event should be, not the "what" it should be.

With TM Event, founded in 2011 by event consultant Murat Kalaman we collaborate with you to transform your events into shared experiences and drive corporate change with these experiences.

We start at the end, focusing on why this event should be held, before talking about the number of participants, decor or location.

TM Event is the real solution partner of your marketing and HR department. As your event design consultant, we detect possible crises in advance and ensure that the event achieves its purpose.

Presentation (TR)

Local expertise everywhere. Innovative solutions everywhere

We are at your service with our services in the Middle East and Eastern European countries, especially in Turkey. With our impressive and ever-growing national presence, we can offer local expertise and innovative solutions everywhere.

  • 01 Brand Communication

    It is a continuous commercial communication language that companies use in their branding processes to explain themselves to customers, present their products and increase their sales.

  • Imagine a team that has developed its original thinking, production and experimenting capacities, can produce conscious aesthetic judgments about art and design with the development of its aesthetic sense, feels the pleasure of artistic creation and appreciates the artist...

  • Having a motivated workforce has a number of benefits, including lower absenteeism levels, employee retention, improved relationships between management and employees, improved employee performance, improved quality and improved customer service.


8 out of every 10 of our customers work with us again.

We strive not only to provide excellent service, but also to create true, long-lasting, strategic partnerships.



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Consumer Activations

Properly planned and implemented activations help brands increase sales, increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Corporate Motivation

It is a combination of a number of factors that ensure the commitment and peak performance of company employees.

Mall Events

Our projects make the shopping mall a more entertaining place. Offering something to enjoy at the mall other than shopping encourages customers to stay at the mall longer.

Social Responsibility

These are studies carried out in line with the goals of solving or improving a specific problem in society. A gala and award ceremony at the end of the project is a must.

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The questions we encounter most frequently are as follows. If you have different questions, please contact us.

  • Have you organized this type of organization before?

    No we probably haven't, we don't. We organize tailor-made organizations in line with the wishes of our customers. Our event writers and operations team will produce the most successful event for you.

  • Of course we support. The list of companies that our "Visual Arts" department serves the most consists of PR and Marketing Agencies, apart from Shopping Malls. We provide services in many areas, from presenter and performing arts support to coffee break competitions, from social media management to search engine optimization.

  • Yes we can do this for you. We plan, design and implement your special days and invitations with an unforgettable concept.

  • As TM Event, we work with many professional event providers. If you have a service that you think is suitable for us, please send your presentation file containing your contact information to [email protected].

  • We do not have a casting system. But most of the time, we directly contacted and collaborated with many names suitable for our event (DJ, Influencer, Sound artist, Actor, etc.). Would you like to contact us and talk about the event you want to do?


You can get quick answers by writing your questions to our WhatsApp line.

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Türkiye, Middle East and Eastern Europe


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